Professional wedding and event photographer




I understand it is difficult to put a price on photos you will always treasure but I always remember the saying ‘buy cheap, buy twice’, the problem is that when it comes to photographs of your special day, you can’t buy twice so I would like to do my best to give you something that you will treasure at a very reasonable price.

Wedding photography

My wedding photography prices are set as follows, or please take a look here to see my thoughts on the art of wedding photography. I am happy to negotiate on prices if it means you get the photographer that you want and will be happy to see if we can come to some agreement so just ask.  I do require a £100 deposit to secure the date but the remainder is not due until 2 weeks prior to the date.


Half day rate:



This is a digital package which encompasses of a dropbox folder to host all of the web sized files as they are edited as well as a USB stick with the high resolution print sized files to follow.  It covers any pre ceremony getting ready shots, the ceremony itself and any photos of the Bride, Groom and requested guests at the ceremony venue.


Full day rate:



This covers everything offered by the half day package with the inclusion of also covering the reception up until the first dance.


I’m happy to stay longer to capture the last embers of the reception if you require, charged by the hour at an additional rate:

      £75 p/h



Event photography

For my experience and philosophy on event photography, please see my event’s page.  I will turn up at your event looking every inch the professional photographer and conduct myself in a similar manner.  I believe that, whether it be a shindig, soiree, party or corporate event, photographs are always an important aspect in capturing and promoting your event.


My prices are constructed in two stages to differentiate between corporate and personal events .  If you would like to know why my photography prices are higher for corporate events, the answer is simply to cover corporate usage rights.


Personal events, charged by the hour:

£75 p/h

Corporate events are charged by the day and include:

 Half day:


Full day:



Please feel free to contact me, should you have any questions or wish to make a booking, via my contact page or join me on Facebook or Twitter.