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What to expect when booking me in 2016

And why I think you should book me in 2016

By Kirk Schwarz, a Cambridgeshire wedding photographer


Hi one and all, this is a strange thing for me, I am not a massive blogger by definition.  I can never usually think of anything to say and I'm more than happy to let my photography do the talking but then you'd be deprived of my sterling wit and fantastic personality...  And no body wants that after all.  Needless to say, I am on a mission to change all of that and add words to my images; with that in mind I am about to mange the impossible feat of 2 blog posts in as many days.

The premise of this one is simple, why would you book me over all of those other fancy, shiny wedding photographers out there (and there are a few).  Simple, because you like me, more specifically you like my work and what I produce.  I won't be offended if you don't book me over someone else, I won't even be offended if you only ask, it can't hurt after all. The fact is, photography and photos are very personal and subjective depending on personal taste so with that in mind I can't really offer you a whole lot in that department, if you like my work then we've already gotten past the first hurdle so lets have a little look at some of my work.

Now that we're a little better acquainted to one another lets have a look at some of the other factors that may get in the way, factors such as pricing...  Touchy subject...
I know, I know, all wedding photography is expensive and it's a massive beast of a market unto itself so I like to consider my prices more than fair for the work that I do.  We can easily break it down, I feel like I have to justify prices a lot.  There are many factors that are obvious here, factors such as the camera gear, I'm not one to brag but the basics are...

2 professional level DSLR cameras, Nikon and Sony, incase one goes a bit tempremental
A range of lenses to cover extra wide to telephoto (the big intimidating zoom one)
Flashes, which of course always require batteries
More memory than a thousand 80's computers

So we've got the "bragging" out of the way (believe me, if I could have spent under £200 on equipment I'd be even happier than everyone else). So what else do I bring to the wedding party? My skill, my creative eye, my artistic bent, whatever you wish to call it, I bring myself.  That's all there really is to any photography (once you have such a beautiful bride and groom as yourselves of course).  If you've read this far then I may very well have sold you on my work and all that is left is to sell you on me (I know, the actual hard part, right?!).  I bring my style of photography, sure I can change up bits here and there and I love it when I have a good brief on these things; a brief of the kind of shots you like, the people you want to be captured and the little touches and such.  It's how I do all of this which is the important part, I take pride in making everything come to life.  I photograph and then I edit and that's the part I love, when I get to take the raw materials and polish them into the finished version one by one, I revel in this part, hence it usually takes up to 2 weeks to complete.  I like to be involved on your wedding day, I may be hired to take photos but I usually come away having made friends.  I'm always friendly and suited and booted and although you are the centre of attention I always work at putting you and your guests at ease to get those candid shots.


Of course I can write for ages (although I already have I think, maybe I have the knack for this blogging thing) but the best way to see if I am the kind of photographer you are looking for is to head to the contact page and drop me a message, like I said, talking is free and there are no obligations here.

Kirk Schwarz